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The "H2Scout" is a stakeholder empowerment tool (StEmp tool). The aim is to create a technical basis for the exchange between different actors and interest groups. For this purpose, data and calculations are prepared in such a way that they are easy to understand. In this way, an equal exchange between the interest groups can be guaranteed. The results of the "H2Scout" serve as a starting point for an integrative and fact-based discussion process. The "H2Scout" was created on the initiative and under the direction of Spilett new technologies GmbH by BBH Consulting AG, Energieland2050 e.V., Energielandwerker eG, ENDA GmbH & Co KG and TAFH M√ľnster GmbH on behalf of and with the participation of the Toyota Mobility Foundation.

The consortium points out that the use of the StEmp tool "H2Scout", the information in this StEmp tool or the documentation and the data provided does not in any way replace the participants' own professional assessment. The consortium makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, with respect to the information contained in this StEmp tool or related publications and has not evaluated its current, complete or correct information. This expressly applies to all use and reliance on all information and materials made available by the StEmp tool or published as datasets or as part of the documentation.